The Business of Art - Regional Victoria Touring Workshop

This free two-day workshop, supported by the Victorian Government, has been developed to improve the business practices of emerging and mid-career artists. Over two days, four workshop facilitators will address a range of practical skills to assist artists in working towards generating a sustainable income from their practice. Elizabeth Dawson-Smith (aka Miss Friby) will be presenting 'An Artist's Guide to Barely Surviving', and facilitating creative goal setting. Produced by Scratch Arts, with support from the state government of Victoria, workshops are free to any emerging and mid-career artists, but registration is essential.


In the midst of (insert: witty line when we're all ready to laugh about the pandemic here), shows, tours, workshops and classes are rare and far between!

I love what I do. I love you, for loving what I do. 

With every pre-booked ticket, media share and social media interaction you do, you help us artists navigate these very strange times, thank-you.

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