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Film Gallery

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Studio Films

Miss Friby films created specifically for the screen

'The Baker' - Collab with Marcus Kropp (0:39 min)

'The Fox' - Contemporary Jazz (1:19 min)

Showreels & Compilations

Showreels & Compilations

Short films featuring excerpts of Miss Friby's infamous shows, acts & live event entertainment.
Miss Friby Showreel 2015 (2:18 min)
Miss Friby - Physical Comedy Reel (1:39min)
Miss Friby House Troupe 2015  (3:19 min)
Miss Friby's House Troupe Nov 2014 (2:30 min)
Miss Friby & Rapskallion 2012
Miss Friby Showreel  2014 (1:19 min)
Production Trailers

Production Trailers

Showreels of a selection of Miss Friby's productions,  full length films available (please contact)
Top Spot (1:45 min)
All Alone - At Last (1.5 min)
'Ocean' (3:31 min)
Two Pound Parlour 2013 (1:18 min)
'All Alone - At Last!' (15 minute)
Top Spot (10 min)

Hosting Showreels

Event Hosting, Comedy Characters and MC work - Miss Friby

Hosting Reel - Miss Friby (1:40 min)
Character Comedy - Miss Friby (2:55min)
Miss Friby - Thoughts on Love (2:44 min)
'Miss Friby' in Two Pound Parlour 2013
Act Menu

Act Menu

Five minute feats of impeccable showmanship, can't find what you're after? Get in touch!
Vaudeville style tap dance vignette.
A parody magic show to Sia's Chandelier.
Hard hitting tap dance to Seven Nation Army
'Dance Mums' - musical theatre 
Comedic Song & Dance 
Lyrical Vaudeville - song & comedy
One of the many original vocal numbers available.
Contemporary/lyrical featuring aerial lyre
Spaghetti - featured on Australias Got Talent
Stomp & Character jazz

Bands & Live Music

Singing, dancing and bringing the bounty to these band/DJ collaborations

Woohoo Revue 2016
Rapskallion 2012
Underscore Orchestra (USA)
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