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Messages From A Mermaid In Footscray


This five part online comedy film series is taking the ‘foot’ out of ‘Footscray’ with ‘tail-mail’ like no other!

Locals are airing their grievances online with messages to and from the community, whether it be Timmy, ‘who needs to pick up his towels more often - mum’ or neighbour at 31, who needs to ‘stop playing techno on Sunday morning at 7am - anonymous neighbour’. No message is too small, and no grievance too slimy for this scaly suburban patriot!

This low-fi series will also present localised content, in partnership with Footscray’s hive of small businesses, community and absurdist thought processes, which can happen in these rather strange times.

Featuring cabaret, comedy, satire, puns, stupidity, the occasional bulldog reference and a whole lot of clouds - confused? Don’t be, this will all make complete sense, maybe.

Created by Footscrazy’s very own avant showgirl Miss Friby, this is for you, or not.

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